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cylindrical bearing, cylindrical roller, clutch release bearing
[cylindrical bearing, cylindrical roller, clutch release bearing]

As a professional cylindrical bearings, cylindrical rollers, clutch release bearings manufacturer, exporter, supplier and factory in China.--Sino-Germany Joint Venture Jiashan Sanli Rongyao Bearing Co.,Ltd. a professional needle roller bearing and self-lubricating bushing manufacturer in China, is located in Zhejiang province, P. R. China being found since 1991. Our products, cylindrical bearing, cylindrical roller, clutch release bearing are widely used in the automobiles, vehicles, motorcycles, engineering equipment, electro-motive tools, textile and printing machinery, and OA equipment etc.

  Explanation for Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Linear contact exists between the roller of the cylindrical roller bearing and
the tray with big radical load capacity.So it is suitable for high speed rota-
ting from the view of it structure. This kind of bearings include all types of
bearing, rollers guided by the inner or outer rings.
cylindrical bearings, cylindrical rollers, clutch release bearings
We can provide thousands of specifications of products, cylindrical bearings, cylindrical rollers, clutch release bearings and also can design and manufacture the special or non-standard dimensions or specs of needle roller bearings according to the customer's requirement, drawing, sample.
NU Shifting bearings
NJ Singledirectionalpositioned bearings
NUP Positioned bearing
N Shifting bearings
NF Singledirectionalpositioned bearings
The cylindrical roller bearings of various structures are divided as per the different retaining edges.NU type cylindrical roller
bearings have two retaining edges on the outer ring with non-retained inner ring. N type cylindrical roller bearings have two
retained inner rings with non-retained outer ring. Both NU and N types cylindrical roller bearings are shifting bearings with
separable inner and outer rings for easy dismounting.NJ type bearings have double retained outer rings with single retained
inner ring.NF type bearings have double retained inner rings with single retained outer rings.They can bear the single direc-
tional axle force.NUP type cylindrical roller bearing is used as fixed bearing which can bear the alternative directional axial
force. Bearings of this type have double retained outer ring with one retaining ring.
Re-enforced cylindrical roller bearing
To distinguish from the common cylindrical roller bearings, the re-enforce
E cylindrical roller bearings are marked with the suffix E.This E type bea-
ringshave the same main dimensions as the common bearings except
the increased diameter,length,and numbered of the rollers.The load capa-
city is also enhanced accordingly.This type bearings have big rational load.
So as shown in Figure, when compared with the common bearings of the
same shaft diameter, the bearing outer diameter should be reduced or the
shaft diameter should be increased when the bearings with same outer d-
iameter are used so that the rigidity of the shaft can be enhanced.Besides,
the incircle of E type is different from the common bearings , so they are
not inter-changeable.
Steel plate punched retainer or entity retainer are used with cylindrical roller bearings are common used for cylindrical roller
bearings . But retainers made of fiber glass re-enforced nylon 66 is also used for the temperature of - 20-200C, or for 1500C
short time operation.
The bearing groove will only stick to the shaft shoulder or the outer casing shoulder.It can not be clipped by the shaft or the
chamfered angle of the outer casing.Therefore,the maximum radius of the combinative parts must be smaller than the mini-
mum value of the chamfered angle of the cylindrical roller bearings. The separable inner ring must be clipped tightly in axial
direction if there exit the axial direction force in operation. Meanwhile , for the tightly combined bearings bush ring, no mou-
nting or dismounting forces are allowed to be transferred directly through rollers or retaining edges during mounting or dism-
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