Address: No.28 Ganyao Avenue, Ganyao Town, Jiashan, Zhejiang, P.R. China.
Zip code: 314107
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bushing, bearing part, special bearing
[bushing, bearing part, special bearing]

As a professional bushings, bearing parts, special bearings manufacturer, exporter, supplier and factory in China.--Sino-Germany Joint Venture Jiashan Sanli Rongyao Bearing Co.,Ltd. a professional needle roller bearing and self-lubricating bushing manufacturer in China, is located in Zhejiang province, P. R. China being found since 1991. Our products, bushing, bearing part, special bearing are widely used in the automobiles, vehicles, motorcycles, engineering equipment, electro-motive tools, textile and printing machinery, and OA equipment etc.

bushings, bearing parts, special bearings
We can provide thousands of specifications of products, bushings, bearing parts, special bearings and also can design and manufacture the special or non-standard dimensions or specs of needle roller bearings according to the customer's requirement, drawing, sample.

This kind of bush is wrapped by bimetal strip, the strip is based on steel backing
and incorporated with bronzed surface. The bronze layer is sintered twice under
high temperature and calendered firmly onto the steel strip.
Alloy Compositiongs

Item Alloy Type Cu Pb Sn Zn
SL800 Cu80Pb10S10 80 10 10 /
SL750 Cu70Pb10 75 24 1 /
SL720 Cu75Pb22S3 72 24 4 /

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