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SLS bearing, a professional needle roller bearing and self-lubricating bushing manufacturer in China, is located in Zhejiang province, P. R. China being found since 1991. We can provide thousands of specifications of products, cylindrical rollers, clutch release bearings and also can design and manufacture the special or non-standard dimensions or specs of needle roller bearings according to the customer's requirement, drawing, sample. Our products, cylindrical rollers, clutch release bearings are widely used in the automobiles, vehicles, motorcycles, engineering equipment, electro-motive tools, textile and printing machinery, and OA equipment etc.
cylindrical rollers, clutch release bearings
Linear contact exists between the roller of the cylindrical roller bearing and the tray with big radical load capacity.So it is suitable for high speed rotating from the view of it structure. This kind of bearings include all types of bearing, rollers guided by the inner or outer rings.

NU Shifting bearings
NJ Singledirectionalpositioned bearings
NUP Positioned bearing
N Shifting bearings
NF Singledirectionalpositioned bearings
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