Explanation for Drawn Cup Needle Cluth
Drawn cup needle clutch HF series
The drawn cup needle clutch HF is composed of thin wall punched outer ring
and plastic retainer.There is a clamping slope which holds the needles tightly
on the inradius surface of the alloy steel punched out ring.the abrasion resist-
ance and load capacity is greatly increased after special heat treatment.Metal
springs are fitted on the plastic retainer which keeps the correct movement of
the needles while the needles are used as clamping unit at the same time.
Through fitting drawn cup needle roller bearing HK, SCE series of the same di-
Drawn cup needle clutch HF
ameter on the two sides of drawn cup needle clutch,better supporting rigidity
and rotation characteristics are achieved.

Drawn cup needle clutch andbearing assembly HFL
Drawn cup needle clutch and bearing assembly HFL series
Drawn cup needle clutch and bearing assembly HFL series has a two-in-one
supporting bearing which can be a special space-saving support. The supp-
orting bearings fitted be the two sides of the needle clutch bear the radical
load .The support bearings are needles and the plastic retainer.
Torque transmission capacity
When the recommended assembling tolerances are adopted, the maximum transmitting torque is mainly decided
by the material,strength and wall thickness of the seat case and shaft.In a clutch,only enough wall thickness and
appropriate material strength can sustain the force resulted.Inertial force should be taken into account.For the
equivalent caused by the torque and the minimum wall thickness,please refer to Figure 1.The equivalent stress
should be less than the stress permitted by the seat material. For the relation between free torque and axle dia-
meter,please refer to Figure 2.
A known: drawn cup needle clutch HF3020
Load capacity: 90% of Md
Present wall thickness: Sexis=16mm
From Fig 1: minimum wall thickness Smin=4.8mm
Equivalent stress §Òequiv=380N/mm2
B; known: drawn cup needle clutch HF1416
Permissive stress of seat casing §Òperm=300N/mm2
Selective ratio of the seat casing wall thickness Smin/Sexis=0.5
From Fig 1: minimum wall thickness Smin=3.2mm
Permissive torque Md perm=60%Md
The switching frequency and precision
The needle clutch has a very small torque due to its thin radical section.
Because each needle is supported by an independent spring, a constant
contacting is maintained among the slopes of shaft,needles and punched
outer ring, higher switching frequency and precision are allowed.Beside
the switching frequency, the switching precision is depended on the sel-
ection of lubrication and combination. The elastic deformation of the nei-
ghboring parts and driving force are transmitted through the shaft or outer
ring.The driving force is transmitted through shaft when the frequency is
Feature inspection
The tools used by the manufacturer in inspection of drawn cup needle
clutch are feeler gage and ring gage which are in seat hole and shaft
tolerance range N6/h5 upper limit and lower limit.Meanwhile,the torque
it sustains is approximately 0.15Md perm.The feeler gage used is quen-
ched steel ring with its aperture precisely ground and the minimum wall
thickness of 20mm.
Figure 2 the relationship between free rotation torque and the axle diameter in the drawn cup needle clutch.
Operational temperature and lubrication
With good lubrication,drawn cup needle clutch can be operated for a long time under the temperature between
-30oC-20oC.When the temperature is below -10oC or the speed is greater than 0.7 *nj,to ensure the normal funct-
ions of the bearings,recommended lubricants should be selected.In most cases,there are enough lubricants.So
the products are filled in advance the quality lithium based grease in compliance with the nationalstandards
with the applicable temperature from -10oCto 70oC.Oil lubrication is recommended when the temperature exce-
eds 70oC.