Explanation for thrust needle & retainer assmbly
Thrust needle roller bearings AX,AXWseries
Thrust-cylindrical roller bearings 811,812 series
Thrust needle and retainer assembly are composed of a set of tray ring gaskets combined with retainer with roll bearings
(needles). The stand leads and holds many rolling elements ( only very tiny differences among the elements in the same
group ). The thrust needle bearings or Thrust-cylindrical roller bearings can support the bearings with the axial directional
load and so they can be used as the bearings with good rigidityand minimum axial occupied spaces.If the surface of the
adjacentparts can be usedas a tray for the rolling needles and the holding stand assembly , configuration of bearings
can be very compacted . In case this disposition can not be realized ,As series tray assembly should be recommended
when thesupport space isbig enough so that a small axial cross sectional altitude can be achieved . Same effectiven-
ess can beensured in different cases when combined with the relatively thicker ring gaskets ofLS,GS,WS,ZSseries.
The applicable gaskets series of AS,LS,GS,WS,ZS are optional and will be ordered sparately by the buyers
Thrust ring gaskets AS,LS,GS,WS,ZSseries
1mm thick thrust ring gasket MODEL AS is made of quality spring steel through pressing,it will be most suitable for the
surface of the adjacent part when it is not rigid enough for trays.
Thrusting ring gasket MODEL GS, WS, LS are made of bearing steel through quenching . The outer surface of seat ring
andthe inner surfaceofblowout patch are made throughgrinding while the outer and inner surface of MODEL LS are
economically turned.
Thrust tray MODEL ZS series are allocated as bidirectional positioning bearings, we will provide the ZS middling series,
the middling ZS series can be positioned axially or as per seat holes. 
Related designing
Thebearing case and its axial support must keep straight to the rotary axis , the support of the bearing gaskets in the
wholle tray must be reliable.The sizes of Ea,Eb must be verified carefullu when AS series gaskets are used so that the
gaskets are fully support.The hardness of the related trays should be HRC58-64 and the roughness Ra0.4um when ind-
ependent gasketsare not used.The bearing capacity and the life will be apparently reduced when the related technical
data can be reached. 
Thrust needle and retainer assembly AXK
Thrust bearing gaskets AS
Axial needle roller bearings AXW
Thrust gasketsr with fixed centeringsheath
Thrust-cylindrical roller bearing
Description Tolerance of shaft Tolerance of hole
Thrust bearing and retainer assembly AXK Shaft Leads h8 -
Thrust cylindrical roller bearing and retainer assembly
K811,K 812
Shaft Leads h8 -
Seat leads - H11
Seat ring(locating) - H7
GS 811,GS 812 (HS)
Shaft ring(locating) h6(h8) -
WS 811,WS 812,
ZS Shaft locating h6(h8)
Seat Locating - -
LS Seat ring Shaft unlimited H7
AS Shaft ring h10 (HS)
Bore unlimited
Bearing part Series Inner diameter Out diameter Height
Tolerance Tolerance Tolerance
Thrust bearing and retainer assembly AXK Dc1 E10 Dc c21 Dw
Thrust bearing AXW Dc1 E10 - - B -0.2mm
Thrust cylindrical bearing and retainer assembly K811,K812 Dc1 E11 Dc a13 Dw
Seat ring(locating) GS811,812 D - D Follow DIN620 B h11
Shaft ring(locating) WS811,812 d Follow DIN620 - B
Middle ring d D B
ZS Follow DIN d Follow DIN
Bearing washer d 620 D 620 B
Thrust washer LS d E12 D a12 B1
AS 0.05mm
E12 e12
Special requirements
SLS would recommend our customers to select the standard products.When the standard dimensions can not be sati-
sfied,we can also accept orders with special dimensions from the customers if the orders are economically reasonable
At the same time we would supply our products with BS standards